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tv   7 News at 530 PM  NBC  October 5, 2015 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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implement w road rules. so many states ban hand held cell phones when you are driving and now massachusetts could be looking to do that sam thing . >> anchor: in fact, officials on the transportation committee will hold a public hearing on the topic tomorrow. 7's jan wu is live outside the statehouse with all of the details. janet? well, 14 states currently have these so-called hands free laws and this issue will be discussed tomorrow here on beacon hill and public is invit invited. now, if this passes, this will strengthen the driving laws that already ban texting. you can't text and drive in massachusetts. but did you know you could still hold a phone at the wheel? i thought it was already illegal . >> reporter: it might soon with with state lawmakers issest to consider the matter so. far, the governor is not taking a position. i would certainly be interested in seeing where the conversation on this goes, the technology on this stuff has gotten a lot more sophisticated than it was five years ago or so when it was last discussed here. but i would be inclined to see
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where the legislature moves on this specifics of this before we wetic a position . >> anchor: that 2010 law banned senting and any cell phone use by junior operators. burt everyone else can still do this . i think it is dangerous. i have driven before and found myself, you know, not paying attention as well as i should be be. if you are on a conference call with work and you are driving and you have got to by attention it can be just as dangerous . >> reporter: 14 states have hands free laws including , new hampshire, vermont, new york and connecticut. a lot of people would like to see massachusetts be next. i would totally support it. yes. >> reporter: many point out there is so much new technology, hand free technology, that makes talking and driving safer and easier and that enacting a will you would actually be catching up in the process. reporting live from beacon hill, janet wu, 7 news. >> anchor: a near rye why the
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the club management defending themselves. five people were arrested friday night when a crowd outside playedium became unruly. the club's in the said it did not plan the event. police say it was response for what they called the disorderly crowd. police in ipswich arrest a man in connection with an alleged legal marijuana growing operation in his home. police skew a search warrant last friday. they received an anonymous tip that led them to conduct an investigation here. officers seized 7 plants they estimate are worth $100,000 . >> anchor: police vetting a stabbing in dorchester this happened around 2:30 this morning on paxton street. officials a man walked up to the victim asking for money when he said he didn't have any the attacker pulled out a knife and stabbed him twice. the victim is being treated for life threatening injuries. >> anchor: a dangerous discovery in new hampshire. thousands of rounds of ammunition found inside a man's home in pelham. police say this situation all started when the man fired several shots. he told police he thought someone was breaking into his apartment. they have taken that man to mass
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general for evaluation. jennifer egan has more . >> reporter: 10,000 rounds of ofal in addition and 7 guns found at this apartment in pelham, new hampshire. police say they discovered the arsenal after neighbors called 9 911 alarmed by what the man inside was telling them. he said he just shot four people and they were in his closet . >> reporter: the 67-year-old told police he fired shots into his closet because he believed people were trying to break in there. police say that wasn't the case but he did fire a gun . they didn't penetrate the walls. luckily it didn't go into anybody else's apartment . he might have just snapped because i saw him bringing this emout and he just didn't, you see seemed a little incoherent. the machine's neighbors friened by the number of weapons sitting just beyond this door . hopefully they can get him the help he needs . no one was hurt in any of this. the man is being charged with reckless conduct. he is being evaluated by a hospital in boston. jennifer egan, 7 news . >> anchor: a dunkin' donuts employee facing a backlash in
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connecticut after reportedly refusing to serve a police officer. police say the officer went into a dunkin' donuts and waited in line when the female employee looked as the him and said we don't serve cops here. a manager approached and apologized saying later was just a joke but people who live in the area are not laughing. it's disrespect testimony i think to someone who is willing to put on a uniform and carry a gun and try and protect me and my town and keep it safe. in a statement dunkin' donuts said they aware of what happened and the company does not condone the worker's behavior . >> anchor: the secret service scandal back in the spotlight in washington, d.c. federal officials are reopening the investigation into the agency. recent reports say the secret service director reportedly tried to discredit a utah congressman by leaking embarrass embarrassing information as retaliation. homeland security jay johnson, homeland security johnson reiterating his bomb see to the congressman. u.s. military under investigation in afghanistan.
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doctors without borders say air strikes on a hospital should be treated as a war crime and the organization also announced it is leaving the city. 22 people were killed and n what the organization said was a sustained bombing of a trauma center. u.s. and afghan leaders say they are both working to figure out what went wrong. this is a tragic loss of life. your hearts can only go out to innocent people who were caught up in this kind of violence. >> anchor: doctors without borders is also calling for an independent investigation into the bombing. >> anchor: four california high schooles are facing charges for a deadly plot. police say classmates told them lass last week they overheard teens discussing a plan to kill others at that school. investigators say the students plan to carry it out in an up coming event. parents are now relieved their children are safe . i don't know what i would do. that's something that every parent worries about is if there kid will be safe at school . police say the parents,
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with that investigation. colleges in philadelphia on alert today after a threat to local campuses. the threat was made on social media following the oregon attack. authorities say it didn't mention a specific school but did mention something would happen today. officials don't think students are in an daer but say they are just taking extra precautions. checking news across country, at least one person is killed in a fiery crash on a major dallas interstate this morning. an 18 wheeler carrying lumber crashed and explode on the ramp. the wood caught fire falling lumber sparked more fires below. it's not clear whether the victim was in the truck or in ramp. people in water logged hampton, virginia are ready for the flooding to be over. the water rose two feet during yesterday's high tide. people doing whatever they can to try to get through it riding bikes and towing boats but people say the wake from cars driving by is causing considerable damage. the grand jury door is dent the wakes. the guy across the street lost wakes.
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>> anchor: residents say flooding is something they have to live with being so close to the coast. a construction worker rushed to the hospital after a frightening fall. fire fighters say the worker fell from a hanging platform this morning. the building was under construction in the state of texas and we don't have his condition right now. we know rescuers also had to save three others workers who became stranded on the platform. >> anchor: a publisher now hitting the books after a student called out the cap for the way a history chapter was written. the trouble started when the student noticed african slaves were referred to as workers and immigrants of the book. the company says it has some work to do. it's a new world geography textbook and laugh week kobe was about to read chapter five in his ninth grade geography class when he came across this reference to early immigration to the u.s. it had africans and african-americans as the atlantic slave trade as workers implying pay as if we had come here willingly and were paid to do our jobs . >> reporter: his response a at
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the picture to his mom . with a sarcastic comment saying we were real hard workers weren't we . it was a little troubling. so she took it to facebook post posting a video flipping through the book detailing what it did and didn't include . there is no mention of africans working as slaves or being slaves. >> reporter: it's been shared across the county and got attention of the publisher that announced it would revamp references in the text become's digital version to state african slaves arrived as a forced migration and work as slave labor i'm step but not adequate for ronnie . many schools don't use digital version and we mow this textbook will sit in schools for 8 to ten years . she speaks with authority because she aformer teacher and new a phd candidate specializing in education curriculum. should the state need someone with her experience to vet school textbooks she said she would relish the chance . all of these stories i am really wondering how they are being told outside of world geography. this is the first step in high school history. so now what is the u.s. history
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book look like? mcgraw hill said it will change the questionable language on the slavery and books next printing but others are asking the company to recall that become right away. >> anchor: . >> anchor: still ahead, a little life saver. how a student comes to the rescue of his bus driver a plane ledded to boston makes an merge see landing after the pilot dies mid flight. we hear from some of the passengers who were shaken up . >> anchor: several people injured after an and track de derails in vermont. crews still trying to figure out what went wrong there. since 1961, pearle vision has been providing expert eye care. today, we make caring for your eyes even easier. right now, buy one pair of glasses, and get another pair free. this is genuine eye care in your neighborhood. this is pearle vision. take a look at these bbq trophies: best cracked pepper sauce... most ribs eaten while calf roping...
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>> anchor: a dishas a special message for one life saver who leaped into action. this fourth grader knew something was wrong when the driver started coughing and pulled over the bus . >> anchor: it turned out the driver was having an asthma attack but things to the student student's quick thinking the driver is back on the road heros come in all sizes this. one happens to be four foot two . jaden saved my life and i want to thank him for him
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able to be there for me when i needed it the most . >> reporter: she just picked up jaden and his sister in one of the school buses when something went terribly wrong . she was like coughing allot so she pulled over an like couldn't breathe . without his take the four four-year-old jumped into action. i went out there and i got the radio so i said where we were at . paramedics found their way to the bus. jaden's brave act is right on par with this year's school theme. life together. senior pass sore stephen jennings couldn't be more proud to hear it is making an impact . it's not just about yourself or the p earn that's right next to you. it could be your bus driver, it could be your next door neighbor it's anybody. for now, jaden is content doing what kids do playing football and having fun. one thing he may never forget the. day he saved a life. >> reporter: he said he hopes to play in the nfl or become a police officer . >> anchor: coming up, how far would you go to get cuddled?
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you are going to meet a maryland couple in the business of tender loving care . >> reporter: our forecast looks good all this week. a warming trend in store. details are ahead a tragedy at sea. one body found after a u.s. cargo ship is swept away by hurricane joaquin. two graduates of the massachusetts maritime academy . new hampshire mall. a sleeping driver takes off
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>> anchor: nothing could stop this couple from proving their love. even the effects of a hurling. there they are saying their vows on a beach in virginia yesterday as they had planned even though there was torrential rain and wind. the groom and grooms men decked out in suspenders and bow ties
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but nobody wore any shoes, that's for sure. you know, plans fall through but, hey, god works everything out to the good. so it's, this has been an in incredible day. i couldn't have asked for a better one. it's one that we'll never forget and i'm just so thankful. >> anchor: he says yeah, yeah, yeah. whatever you say . >> anchor: a perfect couple. he is learning early . >> anchor: he is great. they are perfect together. they have such a great attitude. they are still planning to go to myrtle beach, south carolina for their honey moon which is totally flooded so i hope one of their friends gave them a canoe or something. i like their attitude. that's true love. and a great husband. what she said. is that how you do it at home, pete? >> reporter: it works, i will tell you that. years. it seems to be working. anyway, we'll just move right along because any more talk on that you get in trouble. 58 in worcester for a high today today.
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boston at 61. 60 on the south shore. 50's. cooling off. we saw some clouds today. joaquin. you can see a big plume here and some even fed off of that storm. no rain showers here though. across the southeast it's been about all the rain. you can see two weather systems here distinct cowper clockwise spin with a hurricane and counter clockwise spin with an upper level low. somebody had to take it on the chin with this one. this upper low steered joaquin away from the rest eastern seaboard but heavy rain over carolinas. unfortunately not everybody got away okay with this one. but our weather here in new england is dry as a matter of fact that rain we had i don't want to say it was a drop in the bucket but it kind of has vanish vanished. we have gone through the motions here and drained a lot of small streams and bigger rivers are coming down now and in fact some of them never really got all that big. there was a big rainfall deficit and some of the ground already
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drying out in some of the suburbs. so a little rain would be nice to moisten things up but that's not in the cards. tomorrow beautiful day. we'll got other way with it. it looks gorgeous. deep blue sky, october sunshine, warming as well. starting off cool. going to the mild temperatures in the afternoon. our hiding tomorrow in the middle 60's from marblehead to duxbury boston included because of a sea breeze. salisbury and hampton beach as well and mid 60's. almost low 60's in provincetown. upper 60's low lawrence, billerica and back through framingham. attleboro 69. 70 in fitchburg and i think that will continue that trend toward 70. in fact woe have a chance to meet that in boston too on wednesday and thursday back into the 60's and back up again on friday. the change in the air mass is going through the motions here this week. not a lot in the way of wet weather as you see in the 7 day forecast. 38 to 50. a big temperature range tonight we'll cool off in some of the colder spots getting down into the low 30's or mid third ease
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and upper 30's but else are where i think a lot of suburbs hold not guilty 40's. a light northwest wind and tomorrow that wind turns on shore. t the sea breeze which keeps us coolest along the coast. mostly sunny skies though. milder all around. 7 day forecast, wednesday is the warmest of the workweek and then thursday cools off. friday with the shower activity we could get back up into the upper 60's. that's not a washed out day. most of the shower should be in the afternoon. and then by the weekend our temperatures moderate closer to northerly a. i will see you with more at 6:00 6:00. >> anchor: they are in the process of opening tender em embrace. the only cuddle for hire business probably in the u.s. why the is to help adults who are lonely without medical help. so now they are getting the snuggle space ready and hiring lers who will act as independent contractors but the reaction as you can imagine has been mixed. i don't think i would try something like that. i think i would be uncomfortable uncomfortable. i would want to know the person i am cuddling with.
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i would want a connection. i wouldn't want it to be just anyone. >> anchor: kind of sounds like an snl skit. the opportunity runs between $40 and $500 for a good cuddle . >> anchor: all right. we should go back to pete now. we have serious news and this has a local connection. it's very sad. happening at sea. lots of questions here. dismissing cargo ship sank two. graduates of the massachusetts maritime academy on board. we're live with details in buzzard' bay . >> anchor: an amtrak accident. passengers recovering from injuries. what might have caused this de derailment . >> anchor: big day for politics in the state of new hampshire. what made hilary clinton emotional and candidate carly fiorina targeted. hmm.
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>> anchor: britt me spears becomes a party crasher over the weekend . >> anchor: the pop star surpris surprised one her a list friends friends. spears instagraming this photo right here with kate hudson. the 33-year-old making a surprise appearance at the actress's game night. the two stars report low went out afterwards and hung out with several of their friends . >> anchor: money macel more is getting some attention.
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look at this picture. the two taking a nap. he isn't shy about expressing his feelings for his three months old girl. just released a song about her in august . >> anchor: blake shelton said he is moving on in his personal life. he told fans he is in a good place after his divorce from fellow country star miranda lambert. shelton and lambert announced they were slitting up in july after fours years of marriage. >> anchor: former teen idol david cassidy is facing charges. florida police say the 65 65-year-old's sideswiped a truck and kept ongoing. he will be in court later month. >> anchor: taylor swift here enjoying a reunion with her cat. the pop star had not seen her for several days as she was on tour in can damp the photo has more than 2 million likes on instagram . >> anchor: matt damon is the big winner at the movies this weekend. the martian topping the weekend box office. the sci-fi flick that raked in more than $55 million in its opening weekend taking that number one spot. hotel transylvania came in
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second bringing in $33 million. >> anchor: i know nothing about . >> anchor: me neither, no. . sci-fi. i will support the local guy. here. we have another 30 minutes of 7 news ahead. . >> anchor: 7 news at 6:00 starts right now. >> anchor: breaking news, a nasty crash, a van ends up on top of a car. a frightening flight. a pilot dies in midair . >> anchor: . we were all in shock . >> reporter: passengers at logan airport praising the crew for getting them on the ground safely . >> reporter: two mass maritime graduates among the crew missing at sea when a ship encounters hurricane joaquin . >> reporter: trouble in the tracks in vermont. several people hurt when a train derails. hilary clinton and carly fiorina going after voters in new hampshire. we're live in manchester. and today was the coolest day of
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a little warming trend in store. >> anchor: first at 6:00 an emergency on board an airline pilot dies in the middle of a flight to boston. the passengers say they knew something was wrong because the plane dropped so suddenly . >> anchor: tonight they are credit thinking the crew and co- co-pilot for saving their lives. dan hausle live at logan airport with that story. dan? >> reporter: well, this was a red-eye flight from phoenix to boston. in the when passengers woke up and it was only to new york state at this point and they were planning they said this was a very scary situation. >> anchor: the a 3 airbus on the ground in syracuse suddenly unexpectedly for the 147 boston bound passengers on board. it was really crazy. very crazy . >> reporter: i knew something was wrong. i said we're going down here an hour earlier and i said something is wrong. we're going down much too fast . >> reporter: passengers say the crew told them the pilot was ill. when passengers got on the
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ground it was clear the situation was much worse . there was ambulances wait waiting there already when the plane got to the gate. they came on but like no one saw the pilot being rushed off the airport or anything like that . >> reporter: the ale says the pilot died and it was the co- co-pilot who brought the plane down for a safe landing. after several hours on the ground in syracuse, the passengers got back on the same jet and flew on to boston arriv arriving about three hours late but thankful to be safe . at the end we were all shocked and like wow. didn't know him but put our life in his hands . we're all lucky to be alive alive. when you think about it could have been a lot more tragic than it was. he is gone, we're all still here here. u.s. airways still not saying anything more about this pilot, about the age or cause of death but these passengers are saying a lot about the crew. they say that co-pilot and
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flight crew all kept things so
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